Mother Nature's Palate: Colours of Spring from Charlotte sy Dimby

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Our current state of exploration is in sync with the heartbeat of spring as the girls jaunt along, ready for every adventure, enwreathed in pleasant colours that compliment a setting budding with new life. In favour of mother nature’s palate, we experience a deeper connection to her magic. Between the sands of time, I relish in these rather simple moments which I’ve come to understand, pass far too quickly.

My futile attempts to capture the exquisite handiwork of Charlotte sy Dimby has led us to adventure forth in a spirit inspired by a mutual aesthetic for classic silhouettes and angelic fabrics. We cherish this beloved Parisian childrenswear brand, with whom, we’ve shared countless memories and hope of creating more. Along rue Notre Dame des Champs in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris lives L’Île aux Fées, an un-rivalled boutique carrying the fanciful creations of Charlotte sy Dimby. The beautiful souls who bring these creations to life are among some of our favourite people. Regard for magical childhood moments filled with imagination and simple wanderings is a shared thread that binds our two worlds in harmony.

The hues of spring are bestowed upon me as I jaunt along with the girls, capturing personalities budding with their own brilliance and colour. In my mind’s eye, precious moments of our existence have been archived in perpetuity with pieces that paint our world and compliment our days.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby SS19_Image 34 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby SS19_Image 35.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby SS19_Image 3 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby SS19_Image 26 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby SS19_Image 40.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby SS19_Image 42.jpg

Mother Nature’s Palate Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses by Charlotte sy Dimby.  View the collection here.

Elise and Mila’s bows: Eva’s House

I Am Brave

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A few short weeks shy of ski season’s end, Elise suffered an unfortunate fall and a broken leg. While we weren’t able to reach her for an hour, she was supported by outstanding individuals on the mountain who came together like family for this brave girl. As I approached her laying on a rescue sledge, time stood still for me at that moment. I witnessed my little girl putting her trust in the ski patrol and coaches as they stroked her hands and discussed the attributes of Disney princesses like fine wine. Like a sponge, she borrowed on the strength and wisdom of others. Through the physical pain and emotional turmoil that followed, her repose was a blanket of calm that eased us all.

In time, we learned a new routine and managed all the joys that come with having a full-leg cast. And while this period is relatively short-lived, her experience has been rewarding in its own right. Friends have selflessly given up recess to spend a quiet moment reading with Elise. Her heart dances with every kind gesture and friendly check-in. As the old adage “what comes around, goes around,” she’s found a common language with others in need of helping hands or a simple hug.  She’s embraced a wardrobe of culottes and fanny packs while navigating the world in a wheelchair.  But what amazes me more, is something I don’t observe. Her psyche is completely void of self-pity but filled with gratitude and courage.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_I am Brave_Image 10 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_I am Brave_Image 14 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_I am Brave_Image 5 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_I am Brave_Image 6 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_I am Brave_Image 9 (high res).jpg

I Am Brave Clothing Credits:

Vintage 1930's dress from Mary Beth Hale

Traditional Croatian floral headdress from Ethnicdress

A Rite of Spring with Chotto Golpo

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 15 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 13 (high res).jpg

Lost in a world far from the dredges of an unforgiving New England winter, a restorative sojourn was a welcome reminder that spring’s rite of passage is within reach on our own shores. With wild abandon, we dance along a path of tangled tree roots to the calming rush of palm fronds. Finding ourselves in the company of lizards and bird-like insects, untethered we roam with the full intention of losing all inhibition along the way.

The girls wear rich handwoven textiles from childrenswear brand Chotto Golpo and their adventures ensue with a nod to warmer days ahead.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 4 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 20 (high res).jpg

Nary a moment passes before their feet take on the lightness of Chotto Golpo’s handwoven Bengal Jamadi fabrics that move with elegance and fluidity. The brand’s spring collection strikes the perfect balance between vintage-inspired styling and modern-day ease of wear. The handwoven nature of these fabrics makes for delightfully soft textures in hues of saffron, crimson and indigo.

With a few short weeks until the official mark of spring, thankfully our winter coat wearing days are numbered and soon we’ll be floating through our own city streets in the beautiful designs of Chotto Golpo.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 7 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 2 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 42 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 33 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 48 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 34 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Chotto Golpo_Image 60 (high res).jpg

A Rite of Spring Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses: Chotto Golpo.  Click here to view the collection.

A New Year in Bloom with Maman et Moi

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 18 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 16 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 23 (high res).jpg

With fresh faces, we greet the world to celebrate its annual trip around the sun. This passage of time is but a day in our lives yet we pause for a moment to reminisce on much more than that. The girls and I piece together favourite memories from our year and reflect quietly on our woes. Our annual cleanse drives us forward with a hopeful spirit and a list of goals that feel both attainable and exciting. Refreshed energy has us reaching for the perfect accoutrement in this marvellous moment, and we welcome 2019 with a taste of fancy from American clothing brand, Maman & Moi.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 17 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 25.jpg

Daydreams abound as we look ahead to another year of adventures and friendships, beauty and growth. And while we may not yet know the culmination of our fantasies, we’re eager to begin anew in the lovely Charlotte dress from Maman et Moi. As with many of the timeless styles from this speciality brand of childrenswear, the possibilities for wear are as varied as our days. From ringing in a New Year to a dinner date with Daddy, our 2019 diary is budding with perfectly styled fun to be had.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 14.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 5 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 9 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 15 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi New Year_Image 3 (high res).jpg

A New Year in Bloom Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses: Maman et Moi. View the Maman et Moi website here.

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Eva’s House

Timeless Beauties: Captivated by Twinkle and Me

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 1.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 4.jpg

There are few things we enjoy more than an afternoon rendezvous to explore the history of our area.  A Victorian mansion once alive with grandiose parties and opulent decor is ours to peruse on this fine day.  A child’s imagination opens my eyes to the fun that surely was had over a century ago.  Set atop a hill, with its own natural rock formation playscape, our afternoon escape was a pleasant treat for all.

Elise and Mila waft through the halls of our Victorian adventure in timeless creations from British handmade clothing brandTwinkle & Me.  This beautiful line of childrenswear was inspired by a very special relationship between an Auntie and her niece.  Custom creations were made for the little one which are now available to all in a range of fun prints and seasonless styles.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 6 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 7 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 12.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 15.jpg

Elise and Mila share their own special bond in the brand’s Imogen dress which has quickly become a staple piece in their wardrobe.  From a selection of fun and inviting prints, we can customize this dress down to the sleeve length and back style.  Our dresses feature a bow detail on the back, adding a touch of whimsy to these adorable pieces. 

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 13.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 11.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 21.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Twinkle and Me Standard_Image 17.jpg

Timeless Beauties Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses by Twinkle & Me

Elise’s shoes: Pepe

Elise's bow: Wunderkin Co


Shop Twinkle & Me with 10% off when you use JNRSTYLE10.  Shop the collection here.

Styling our Days with KidPix

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 15 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 2 (high res).jpg

As the holidays approach, and our days are consumed with preparations and festivities, I’m on the lookout for ways we can simplify so to enjoy this season to its fullest.  Without a doubt, keeping our little one’s wardrobe up to date is a burden I’d rather not have at the moment.  To my delight, KidPix delivers perfectly styled head-to-toe looks that refresh our wardrobes and boost our spirits.  Beautifully curated outfits are delivered to your door commitment-free in the frequency of your choosing.  Each box is a wonderful surprise that won’t disappoint.  It is, after all, like having your own personal stylist without the burden of a trip to the store.

Scroll down to pick up a special code for 20% off your first KidPix box.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 10 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 14 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 13 (high res).jpg

From the comfort of our home, we immediately fell in love with our box of keepers.  We often struggle with outfits that aren’t quite complete or missing a staple item such as tights.  KidPix made our daily outings a breeze with the appropriate coverings for a put together look.  But perhaps more than anything else, we loved trying different looks from high-quality brands that we’ve not seen elsewhere.

From the Irish luxury childrenswear brand, Cairenn Foy to the comfiest essentials by Little Borne, our hearts are happy and our days, perfectly styled by the talented team at KidPix.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 19 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 24 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 21 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 16 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_KidPix_Image 17 (high res).jpg

Styling our Days Clothing Credits:

Mila's Outfits by Little Borne and Cairenn Foy from KidPix

Mila’s shoes: Zimmerman Shoes

Find out more about KidPix here…

KidPix is offering 20% off your first order when using promo code FirstKidPix.  Please note the 20% off voucher can be redeemed against your first KidPix box or towards a Christmas Box in the KidPix Christmas Shop.

KidPix also hold weekly online pop-up shops where they introduce interesting independent brands to their customers and followers.  To be kept up to date with their weekly events, follow @kid_pix on Instagram here.

Life in Pastoral New England: Featuring Charlotte sy Dimby

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 9 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 6 (high res).jpg

For most of my years, I’ve settled in New England, cursing our bitter winters and unpredictable weather. But these distinct seasons, however unpleasant at times, display a magnificent Autumn and Spring. A temperate fall day was the perfect persuasion to visit Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum depicting life in 19th century New England.

Stepping back in time, the girls try their hand at the Game of graces, an activity borrowed from early 19th century France, with two ribbon-clad hoops and dowels to send them air bound. While we didn’t quite master the game, the reinterpreted play was fun nonetheless. In the theme of French influence on our pastoral New England home, the girls travel effortlessly through the seasons in Charlotte sy Dimby, a timeless favourite.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 16.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 2 (high res).jpg

Pettiskirts, hand-smocking and covered buttons are graced by Charlotte sy Dimby’s signature back tie, adding to the elegance of these fine garments. Mila’s Princess Charlotte dress is the reincarnation of a dress worn by Her Royal Highness on her debut trip to Canada. Elise shines in the brand’s Constance dress. A chic style in a subtle blue textured fabric, it moves beautifully through endless adventures in our bucolic New England home.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 23 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 13 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 14 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Sturbridge_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 27 (high res).jpg

Life in Pastoral New England Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses by Charlotte sy Dimby

Elise’s shoes: Pom d’Api

Elise and Mila’s bows: Eva’s House

Its Autumn, Darling: Featuring Tocoto Vintage and Louise Misha

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 15 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 1 (high res).jpg

Fall begins, and with it, our everyday shuffle becomes all the more demanding.  While carefree adventures slowly recede, magical moments are scarce but still to be made. The warmth of our river valley coupled with steadily cooler nights drapes our mountain mornings in fog.  Naturally, we find ourselves reaching for all the goodness of fall from two of our favourite brands, Tocoto Vintage, and Louise Misha.

As the school year commences, closets are cleaned, making edits and trying on hand-me-downs. Space is made for a special piece or two. With their unique personalities in mind, the girls’ Father did some styling of his own to create fall-ready looks, perfect for cooler days ahead. Presented with a broad selection from which to choose, he was drawn to styles from two children’s wear labels we’ve come to know well over the years; Spanish brand, Tocoto Vintage for Elise and French brand, Louise Misha for Mila.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 5 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 16 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 9 (high res).jpg

Tocoto Vintage makes its way into our closets and hearts year after year. Inspired by antique garments and patterns, the styles exude a delicate romanticism with fabrics that stand up to the modern day lives of our youth.

The whimsy of Louise Misha is meanwhile a perfect compliment to Mila’s bohemian spirit. She delights in the details of her ensemble down to the most excellent shimmery socks.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 18 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 32 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 27 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 25 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 38 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tocoto Louise Misha Image 33 (high res).jpg

Its Autumn, Darling Clothing Credits:

Elise’s dress: Tocoto Vintage, Elise’s boots: Ariat Kids, Elise’s hairpiece: Vintage

Mila’s blouse, skirt and socks: Louise Misha – view the items here, Mila’s boots: Zimmerman Shoes, Mila’s headband: Eva’s House

Free to Dream in Velveteen

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 28 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 11 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 24 (high res).jpg

As summer bids us a long farewell, we’re dreaming of fall hues and a return to routine that gently prods us into cooler days ahead.  While we linger on the beach for a final salute to summer, our eyes are already focused on fall-worthy shades of plum and indigo.  Velveteen Clothing gives us reason to dream with their stunning Autumn collection, ‘The Woodland Players.’

Hong Kong-based brand, Velveteen, presents a selection of tasteful pieces that exude a playful spirit, matching our whimsy on this late summer’s day.  I’m the least bit surprised Elise and Mila yearn to wear these delightful looks daily.

What really makes this brand shine for me is their commitment to fair trade practices and the employment of female artisans who, in turn, are able to provide for the needs of their own children.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 3.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 7 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 16 (high res).jpg

The Carolina Dress, worn by Elise, is adorned with a gold studded waistband in a sheer dotted swiss fabric.  Mila's Luna Dress features fringed details and sequins on the bodice.  Worn with contrasting tights, we're eager to cozy up for fall in these beautiful styles.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 2 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 25 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Velveteen_Image 19 (high res).jpg

Free to Dream Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses: Velveteen Clothing.  Click here to view the collection.

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: 



Photography Jessica Dickinson – All rights reserved.

All posts copyright Junior Style Sales Ltd.

Please do not reproduce without permission.


Awakening Spring with Popelin

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 17 (high res).jpg

New England is welcoming spring with a week-long forecast of rain while cherry blossoms are just about to give our street a burst of colour and delight.  Signs of new life haven’t gone unnoticed by these nature-loving sleuths who find joy in the tiniest of plants and creatures.  Our daily walks have us searching city landscapes for signs of nature’s annual awakening.  Refreshing our senses, we opt for beautiful flowing silhouettes from the Spanish brand, Popelin.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 7 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 26 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 22 (high res).jpg

Shades of terracotta abound at this botanical centre from the pots lining our walkways to the twirling dresses of my garden nymphs. Popelin’s founder, Cristina Sánchez, evokes a simple elegance through her use of textile and design.  From the sourcing of materials to the manufacturing process, each garment is made entirely in Spain.  With every turn of the cloth, details speak for themselves.  Fabrics are thoughtfully chosen and feel just as wonderful on as they appear.  Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranian, Sánchez has created a collection of earthy tones that has us dreaming of ocean sunsets and sunkissed skin.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 9 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 13.jpg

Elise and Mila continue their quest for flowering buds and noisy hatchlings while dancing away like garden fairies in hopes of showering their own little magic on all that grows.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 28 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Awakening Spring Popelin_Image 23 (high res).jpg

Awakening Spring Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses: Popelin, shop the brand here.

Elise’s shoes: Pepe from Kodomo Boston

Mila’s shoes: Gallucci

Elise’s hair bow: Eva’s House


A Love Affair with La Coqueta Kids

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 4 (high res).jpg

As we begin upon another year, our outlook is fresh and mind uncluttered and there is a sense of renewal as we let go and look forward.  While I don't tend to make resolutions, I aim to stay mindful of our passions and indulge ourselves in them, however that may play out.  For the girls, on a chilly winter day, this translates to an afternoon spent dancing to Pink Martini (the lone disc in our CD player).  Thankfully, they share my affinity for Spanish childrenswear brand La Coqueta Kids, and are in their element as they play.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 10 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 21 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 9 (high res).jpg

While Elise and Mila go about dancing, I'm fascinated by every movement and the personalities exhibited in their fantasy worlds.  Often times, I join them but it is equally as rewarding to watch.  Matching dresses from a brand we've long revered has me smitten.  These gorgeous pieces are fully lined and perfectly finished with stark white collars that add a touch of elegance and demure beauty which encapsulates this brand.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 24 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 6 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 13.jpg

Elise's Carmin Dress is the perfect transitional piece sure to follow us through seasons and generations of wear.  We first discovered this London-based brand while overseas and made a point to visit their Hampstead boutique, filled with a rainbow of knee-high socks, bows, and mary janes, it is a dream for one-stop shopping and outfit assembly.  With a newly opened second location in the heart of Notting Hill, our journey to La Coqueta's world of Spanish-made goodness just got a bit closer (although a trip to Hampstead is always a welcome departure).

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 18.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 22.jpg

A Love Affair with La Coqueta Kids Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's dresses: La Coqueta Kids click here to visit the online store.

Elise’s shoes: Pom d'Api

Elise and Mila's tights: MP Denmark from Mamaowl

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.


At Home in the Mountains with Devon's Drawer

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And visit Devon's Drawer to shop the latest collection with 15% off hereUse code BBLAKEACRES15 for 15% off your order. (Code expires midnight, Wednesday 8/11/17).

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 22.jpg

Wherever we may roam, the mountains call us home. 

There is something magical that exists only here, brought in part by the serenity and enchantment found along cliffside passages.  Where the terrain changes with elevation, peeking our interest and inviting us to explore what lies ahead.  These steps are familiar yet thrilling and we feel at home within the protective walls of nature.  

In this moment, our universe is filled with wholesome adventure and a bit of heirloom goodness from Devon's Drawer. 

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 14 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 7 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 11 (high res).jpg

Woven into each piece from Devon's Drawer is a dedication to ethical production and quality fabrics with unmatched standards.  These garments are as natural as our landscape and withstand the type of play that comes about on (or off) trail.  

Soft pockets on Elise's Hillary dress are perfect for collecting a colourful array of leaves and fairy moss.  The length adds a modern touch and provides ease of wear.  With little hesitation, Mila forges her own path in the brand's Aline overalls and Russell turtleneck, a combo too cute for words.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 15.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 19.jpg

Our mountains are now topped with a new dusting of snow and they're calling us back for another adventure along their slopes.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 21.jpg

At Home in the Mountains Clothing Credits:

Elise & Mila’s outfits: Devon's Drawer.  Shop the latest collection here.

Elise’s shoes: Zimmerman Shoes

Mila’s shoes: Angulus

Elise’s tights: Tocoto Vintage

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Eva's House

Wandering Free with Blue Alma Knits

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 6-2 (high res).jpg

The time is now for walks through the overgrowth of summer's end.  As one season passes, another is in full swing with burgeoning chipmunks and falling leaves.  Our presence along this journey goes unnoticed by the activity that surrounds.  

Elise and Mila layer up in pretty pastel knits from Blue Alma, a brand hailing from Brooklyn with roots in Germany.  Designer Annemarie Shoemaker's delightful collection of year-round knitwear is reason alone to venture outdoors on a brisk fall day.    

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 4.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 1 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 14.jpg

Blue Alma's AW17 collection is a bouquet of soft pastels in blush, sage, and cream with limitless possibilities for styling the perfect fall wardrobe.  The A-line shaping of Elise's Emma tunic swings with ease and uncompromised comfort while Mila's Marlow vest has quickly become a staple piece as the days grow shorter.  Pointelle yoke collars and cable knit details add a touch of prim to these classic silhouettes.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 12.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 10.jpg

Time stands still as we wander along the well-trodden paths near our home.  Winter looms in the not too distant future but for now, I can smell the fall air and hear the scurry of chipmunks and I'm happily content in the presence of our changing season.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 5.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 9.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 13.jpg

Wandering Free Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's knitwear: Blue Alma Knits

Elise's blouse: Cosy Cloud Kids

Mila’s blouse: Mi.Le from CouCou

Elise’s shoes: See Kai Run

Mila's shoes: Pepe

Elise and Mila's tights: Little Light Feet

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co

An Endless Summer with maman&moi

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 12 (high res).jpg

While autumn patiently waits, we relish the splendor of high summer.  A colourful finale of blooms tickle our senses and tepid waters invite us to play.  Delights of the season abound and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  With summer lingering longer, our favourite pieces from the alluring brand Maman & Moi transition beautifully into smart back-to-school attire. maman&moi transition beautifully into smart back-to-school attire.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 1 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 3 (high res).jpg

A brand celebrating the unique bond between mother and daughter, maman&moi exudes elegance with every detail.  This charming collection sends our hearts aflutter with Liberty fabrics and the finest finishes.  Daughters likewise feel at ease in the comfort of these dresses that wear beautifully from one adventure to the next.  Owner and designer, Allegra Richdale, has named each piece in her collection after a special someone in her life.  Elise wears the Tessa dress, a reversible frock in red and white gingham while Mila is garden-ready in the Violet with its pique petal collar.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 26 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 25 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 22 (high res).jpg

As we saunter through the last days of summer, you may very well find us at play in maman&moi, making beautiful memories that are sure to linger longer than our endless New England summer.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 8 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 27.jpg

Endless Summer Clothing Credits:

Dresses: maman&moi

Elise’s shoes: Pom d’Api

Elise's hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.