Blue Alma for Baby

When the stars align and you've found the perfect knitwear to complement your little one's wardrobe, dressing for winter becomes a joy.  Such was the case for us upon discovering the beautiful range of baby and children's knitwear from Blue Alma.

I welcome you to get to know this wonderful brand and the inspirational woman behind it!

Blue Alma-3324.jpg

Owner and designer, Annemarie Shoemaker is dedicated to producing goods with a nod to tradition, the highest quality fibers, beautiful styling, and comfort.  Annemarie's collection of knitwear provides the perfect amount of warmth without unnecessary bulk or itch.  During her design process, a great deal of thought is given to a garment's functionality and the child's well-being without compromising on style.  When worn, these pieces pull together any outfit effortlessly.  Trust us, you'll be smitten.  

Blue Alma-3926.jpg

For Annemarie, knitting runs deep.  A skill passed down through generations of family members, she pays homage to these traditions in each garment that is produced.  After graduating from fashion design school in Berlin, Annemarie, a German native, worked in various settings as a freelance designer, in a yarn store, and as a technical design assistant for a knitwear company.  Along the journey, true love eventually brought her overseas to live in Brooklyn, the birthplace of her handknit label, Blue Alma. 

Blue Alma-3112.jpg
Blue Alma Low Res-4029.jpg

Yarns are thoughtfully chosen and made from pure natural fibers.  The current collection was produced using a cotton-alpaca blend, snuggly soft yet breathable with the ability to wear year-round.  

Annemarie was lucky to have found a team of talented artisans in Peru who help produce the knitwear while maintaining the brand's dedication to 'handmade.'  These women and men are highly skilled and detail oriented knitters who deserve a fair wage.  Feel good knowing that your Blue Alma purchase helps to support this collaboration of talent worlds away.  

Blue Alma Low Res-4227.jpg
Blue Alma Low Res-4291.jpg
Blue Alma-3318.jpg

Litcitar Hearts of Croatia

The magic of the winter season is everywhere these days.  As city dwellers, we've been serenaded by brass instruments while shopping and delighted by the grace of figure skaters in pop-up ice rinks.  An abundance of little white lights keeps us cheerful through progressively shorter days.  And when it gets too chilly outside for mitten-clad fingers, we gather in the kitchen to bake.  

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tis the Season for Baking_Image 13.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tis the Season for Baking_Image 7.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tis the Season for Baking_Image 8.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tis the Season for Baking_Image 2.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Tis the Season for Baking_Image 14.jpg

Clothing credits:

Elise's knit dress:  Misha & Puff

Mila's blouse: Soor Ploom

Elise’s apron: Fog Linen

Oven gloves: Thornback & Peel

Mila's hair bow: Pitchoun Designs

Elise's floral dress: Vintage

Rainy Day at the Museum

When it rains here in Boston, flocks of children descend upon our museums where they can expend some energy roaming exhibit halls.  We followed suit and found ourselves at the Harvard Museum of Natural History where I was pleasantly surprised by its intimate space yet impressive collection of curiosities and critters from our natural world.  From the display of colorful rocks to the menagerie of animals, I felt like we were on the set of Doctor Dolittle.

Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0935-2.jpg

This is the golden age for jumpsuits.  They are back in a big way for all ages and I can't think of a better silhouette for our walking toddler.  Like any Soor Ploom piece, the cut of the Frankie Jumpsuit is perfection.  Mila can move freely without restriction and the soft pre-washed linen can be worn year-round which is wonderful news for us long-suffering New Englanders.  Minikin, purveyor of the world's most enchanting children's wear, has a wonderful selection of these Brooklyn made garments including a gorgeous Minikin exclusive, this Birdie Tunic in coral.  

Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0858.jpg

I have a tendency to scoop up anything in a blue green shade which compliments Elise's eyes so this Soor Ploom Peasant Tunic was a no brainer.  Aside from the dreamy fabric and gorgeous gathering, I am absolutely loving that it can be worn first as a short dress, extending its longevity.  Fresh out of the lavender infused packaging from Minikin, Elise tells me she "smells like roses."      

Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0802.jpg
Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0804.jpg

Mila is dwarfed by the museum's kingdom of creatures.  This is a wonderful place to loose yourself on a rainy day and a mesmerizing experience for curious youngsters.    

Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0911.jpg
Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0950.jpg
Soor Ploom Museum Natural History-0901.jpg

The calm before the storm

For a little ski town this time of year is the lull before the storm.  Our favorite local establishments take a much needed break from the onslaught of leaf peepers and gear up for a (hopefully) white winter.  Its a perfect time of year to cozy up indoors and take it EASY before the rush of the holidays is upon us.

Stowe Play-2850.jpg

This might be one of my favorite photos of Elise.  As her Mom, I can see her playful personality and joyful wonder.  What are you thinking Elise?  If only I could tap into her imagination!  When I first saw this whimsical mouse blouse by Oma + Jo, I knew it was the perfect compliment to Elise's charming nature.  The mushroom and mouse print is beyond adorable and the peter pan collar with pom pom trim makes it sweeter than pie.

Stowe Play-2858.jpg

Living here in the States it sometimes feels we are among the last to receive domestic stock of wonderful European labels like Collegien.  We have a pair of their darling slippers and now can safely say we are die hard fans of their tights.  Do not underestimate the importance of a good waistband!  Collegien has perfected one that stays put and is comfortable across a wide range of both timeless and modern colors.  If you'd like to join us on our Collegien love fest, hop on over to Over the Ocean.  We adore this new retailer who has stocked many of our favorite European labels that had once been nearly impossible to find without hefty overseas shipping. 

Stowe Play-2934.jpg
Stowe Play-2918.jpg

Elise's hug attacks can come on strong as can be witnessed here.  Mila is accustomed to the frequent affection but it doesn't take much to topple her over!

Stowe Play-2881.jpg

Our first case of the sniffles arrived this season so Mila opted to stay cozy indoors with her Briar Handmaid bonnet, naturally. 

Stowe Play-2870.jpg

If these walls could talk...

We welcomed November by visiting a special place that is always in bloom.  This was Elise's first time at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and my second which is a bit embarassing given our proximity to this extraordinary Boston landmark.  Upon entering you sense you are in a magical space full of enchantment and mystery.  Oh if these walls could talk!  Would they reveal any clues as to who may have pulled off one of the greatest art thefts of all time?  

Soor Ploom (5 of 10).jpg

Well I can assure you it wasn't us!  We're too busy playing dress-up in this gorgeous dress by Soor Ploom.  The delicate pinwhale corduroy in a subtle rose color is quite possibly the perfect combination for Elise's fair tone in the winter months.  It is easy to wear and the gathered empire waist is perfectly precious for a little girl.  What's more, this dress has pockets to keep her treasures close and hands cozy.

Soor Ploom (7 of 10).jpg

What is an outfit without a pair of Zimmerman Shoes?  If you follow us, you'll know we're huge fans and can't really get enough of these beauties.  The Milo boot in chocolate is a staple and they pair well with most everything we own.  The chocolate nubuck leather is velvety soft.  If you haven't already, do check out their new holiday colors of evergreen, cranberry and gold, oh my!

Soor Ploom (10 of 10).jpg

Guarded by its secrets, this museum prides itself on keeping everything intact just the way Isabella left it.  And in a symbolic move, they have retained empty frames where the stolen artwork used to live.  My favorite piece is without a doubt El Jaleo by John Singer Sargent.  I could come here just to see it and leave satisfied.

Soor Ploom (6 of 10).jpg

The museum is incredibly child friendly and invites young visitors to partake in a scavenger hunt.  Elise was given a map of the museum with thumbnail images of different works she was tasked to find.  I was truly amazed by how excited she was to play and her ability to decipher which painting matched its picture in her book.

Soor Ploom (4 of 10).jpg

And while you can't wander into the museum's lush central atrium, you can sit on the edge and dream which is just what we caught ourselves doing.  

Soor Ploom (3 of 10).jpg


Petrichor is on a list of the most romantic sounding words in the English language and the meaning might have something to do with its appeal.  It is an earthy smell that follows rain after a long period of dry weather.  Judging from when I last wore my wellies, and how frequently my husband has been watering our window boxes, I'd say we've had a stretch of fairly dry weather so this wet patch is actually feeling pretty nice right now.

Elise is wearing one of our favorite pieces for fall from the coveted label, Soor Ploom.  You can find many of their pieces at Minikin and you won't regret shopping with this lovely retailer who truly makes you feel like one of the family.

Rainy Day (3 of 10).jpg

Rain + toddler = indoor play and since city living can feel cramped at times, we've tried to make the most of the girls' play area with toys that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

When I was expecting with Elise (which seems like ages ago!) I first came across Povl Kjer's rocking sheep and knew I'd want to adopt one someday.  Well that day came after Mila's arrival and now I wonder why I waited so long.  It is the perfect staple for any toddler's playroom and is a beautiful piece that works wonderfully with our space.  

Rainy Day (7 of 10).jpg

I've been known to over-research things at times (sound familiar fellow internet shoppers?) and when the tipi tent became popular I spent a fair share of time finding one that would fit our space and color palate.  Enter the Gray Label tipi tent.  The construction is top notch and the material..., well if you know anything about Emily  Gray's beautiful collection, you know she only selects the highest quality fabrics.  I didn't know I could love a tipi tent as much as I do.  Its Elise's favorite place to read stories to her babies and even Mila enjoys playing peek-a-boo behind its curtains.

Rainy Day (6 of 10).jpg
Rainy Day (5 of 10).jpg

I could do an entire post on this Carl Hansen & Sons desk and chair (and surely I will).  For now, please join me in admiring its clean lines and classic Danish construction.  All pieces are fully assembled like a puzzle with no nails or tools.  Genius.  

Rainy Day (4 of 10).jpg



Endless Summer

Temperatures are back in the 90s this week in Boston and humid, my least favorite weather combination.  The girls needed a break from the AC so we took a stroll along the water where you can pick up a bit of a breeze.  Our city has many selling features, but to be a short walk away from this beautiful park along the river is at the top of my list. 


Typically this time of year we're gearing up for Fall and getting excited to do some back to school shopping but I'll miss the ease of our summer wardrobes.  No hats and gloves to keep track of, or wondering if we left the house in enough layers.  If its 90 degrees out, there's no guesswork.  An easy summer blouse by Soor PloomVierra Rose drawstring chambray shorts and our favorite shoes by Zimmerman.  


We're a family that is hard on our footwear.  If worn frequently, most of our shoes last a season or two, tops and very few of Elise's will be handed down to Mila as a result.  I don't know what their secret is, but Zimmerman shoes LAST.  The pictures don't lie, they still look new after almost daily wear on three year old feet.  If you want to feel good about American manufacturing and a small family owned business, please read their "About Us" page.  Now back to that Fall wardrobe... we are obsessing over these gorgeous Scalloped Mary Janes and the Milo Boot in Cheeta.


Painting Rocks

I've been fortunate to spend some quality time with the girls in Vermont this summer.  Away from the distractions of the city, we've been exploring the nature around us.  It was sunny and humid on this particular day and although we needed to get out of the house, I didn't exactly want to be baking in the sun.  We collected some rock friends along our drive into town and gave them each a home in our egg carton.  With acrylic paints, Elise gave "faces" to her rock friends.  They took on their own personalities over hours of pretend play.   


Elise in our favorite summertime dress by Soor Ploom.  If I could get my hands on more colors, I would have but they sold out quickly this year.


Mila is taking it all in.  The girls have lived in these matching Soor Ploom pieces this summer.  The fabrics are wonderful and have the softest touch.  I also find the fit of these pieces to be spot on.  They fit far longer than you would imagine and Elise can wear multiple sizes in both the tops and dresses.