Petrichor is on a list of the most romantic sounding words in the English language and the meaning might have something to do with its appeal.  It is an earthy smell that follows rain after a long period of dry weather.  Judging from when I last wore my wellies, and how frequently my husband has been watering our window boxes, I'd say we've had a stretch of fairly dry weather so this wet patch is actually feeling pretty nice right now.

Elise is wearing one of our favorite pieces for fall from the coveted label, Soor Ploom.  You can find many of their pieces at Minikin and you won't regret shopping with this lovely retailer who truly makes you feel like one of the family.

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Rain + toddler = indoor play and since city living can feel cramped at times, we've tried to make the most of the girls' play area with toys that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

When I was expecting with Elise (which seems like ages ago!) I first came across Povl Kjer's rocking sheep and knew I'd want to adopt one someday.  Well that day came after Mila's arrival and now I wonder why I waited so long.  It is the perfect staple for any toddler's playroom and is a beautiful piece that works wonderfully with our space.  

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I've been known to over-research things at times (sound familiar fellow internet shoppers?) and when the tipi tent became popular I spent a fair share of time finding one that would fit our space and color palate.  Enter the Gray Label tipi tent.  The construction is top notch and the material..., well if you know anything about Emily  Gray's beautiful collection, you know she only selects the highest quality fabrics.  I didn't know I could love a tipi tent as much as I do.  Its Elise's favorite place to read stories to her babies and even Mila enjoys playing peek-a-boo behind its curtains.

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I could do an entire post on this Carl Hansen & Sons desk and chair (and surely I will).  For now, please join me in admiring its clean lines and classic Danish construction.  All pieces are fully assembled like a puzzle with no nails or tools.  Genius.  

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