Painting Rocks

I've been fortunate to spend some quality time with the girls in Vermont this summer.  Away from the distractions of the city, we've been exploring the nature around us.  It was sunny and humid on this particular day and although we needed to get out of the house, I didn't exactly want to be baking in the sun.  We collected some rock friends along our drive into town and gave them each a home in our egg carton.  With acrylic paints, Elise gave "faces" to her rock friends.  They took on their own personalities over hours of pretend play.   


Elise in our favorite summertime dress by Soor Ploom.  If I could get my hands on more colors, I would have but they sold out quickly this year.


Mila is taking it all in.  The girls have lived in these matching Soor Ploom pieces this summer.  The fabrics are wonderful and have the softest touch.  I also find the fit of these pieces to be spot on.  They fit far longer than you would imagine and Elise can wear multiple sizes in both the tops and dresses.