Wandering Free with Blue Alma Knits

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The time is now for walks through the overgrowth of summer's end.  As one season passes, another is in full swing with burgeoning chipmunks and falling leaves.  Our presence along this journey goes unnoticed by the activity that surrounds.  

Elise and Mila layer up in pretty pastel knits from Blue Alma, a brand hailing from Brooklyn with roots in Germany.  Designer Annemarie Shoemaker's delightful collection of year-round knitwear is reason alone to venture outdoors on a brisk fall day.    

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Blue Alma's AW17 collection is a bouquet of soft pastels in blush, sage, and cream with limitless possibilities for styling the perfect fall wardrobe.  The A-line shaping of Elise's Emma tunic swings with ease and uncompromised comfort while Mila's Marlow vest has quickly become a staple piece as the days grow shorter.  Pointelle yoke collars and cable knit details add a touch of prim to these classic silhouettes.  

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Time stands still as we wander along the well-trodden paths near our home.  Winter looms in the not too distant future but for now, I can smell the fall air and hear the scurry of chipmunks and I'm happily content in the presence of our changing season.  

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Wandering Free Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's knitwear: Blue Alma Knits

Elise's blouse: Cosy Cloud Kids

Mila’s blouse: Mi.Le from CouCou

Elise’s shoes: See Kai Run

Mila's shoes: Pepe

Elise and Mila's tights: Little Light Feet

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co

Autumnal Vibes and Magical Colour Changing Leaves

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So gracefully we find ourselves transitioning into the crisp days of Autumn.  Overgrown gardens live in harmony with a show of magical colour changing leaves.  We're cozy both inside and out with new fall knits in beautiful jewel tones.  Mother nature has spoken and we're happy to oblige.  We relish in these Autumnal vibes.   

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With little effort, these knits pair beautifully with pieces from past seasons.  The Animals Observatory (TAO) Lynx Skirt is wonderfully cozy in deep apple red.  With a perfect amount of punch, it is an understated statement piece.  Mila fancies Oeuf's Knit Romper in Rose for her rock gathering adventures.  A coordinating Oeuf necktieLittle Light Feet Crochet Tights, and Angulus T-Bar shoes finish her fall look.

We're embracing this season of change with creature comforts that keep us cozy on these chilly Autumn days.  

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Autumnal Vibes Clothing Credits:

Elise's skirt: The Animals Observatory

Elise’s shoes: Pepe Folk Boot

Elise's tights: Caramel

Elise and Mila's hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.

Mila's romper: Oeuf

Mila's necktie: Oeuf

Mila's tights: Little Light Feet

Mila's shoes: Angulus