Wandering Free with Blue Alma Knits

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The time is now for walks through the overgrowth of summer's end.  As one season passes, another is in full swing with burgeoning chipmunks and falling leaves.  Our presence along this journey goes unnoticed by the activity that surrounds.  

Elise and Mila layer up in pretty pastel knits from Blue Alma, a brand hailing from Brooklyn with roots in Germany.  Designer Annemarie Shoemaker's delightful collection of year-round knitwear is reason alone to venture outdoors on a brisk fall day.    

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Blue Alma's AW17 collection is a bouquet of soft pastels in blush, sage, and cream with limitless possibilities for styling the perfect fall wardrobe.  The A-line shaping of Elise's Emma tunic swings with ease and uncompromised comfort while Mila's Marlow vest has quickly become a staple piece as the days grow shorter.  Pointelle yoke collars and cable knit details add a touch of prim to these classic silhouettes.  

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Time stands still as we wander along the well-trodden paths near our home.  Winter looms in the not too distant future but for now, I can smell the fall air and hear the scurry of chipmunks and I'm happily content in the presence of our changing season.  

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Wandering Free Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's knitwear: Blue Alma Knits

Elise's blouse: Cosy Cloud Kids

Mila’s blouse: Mi.Le from CouCou

Elise’s shoes: See Kai Run

Mila's shoes: Pepe

Elise and Mila's tights: Little Light Feet

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co

The Art of Gifting with CouCou and MineMine Kids

Imagine this.  Your lifelong childhood friend is having a baby.  It's been years since you both shared the same time zone but you still find her carefree spirit to be the perfect elixir on a gloomy day and you've always admired her bohemian taste.  And while you'll never grow apart, your style worlds have drifted.  Lucky for you, CouCou has launched customizable gift baskets for baby available through MineMine Kids.  Filled with a lust-worthy assortment of baby essentials and a special treat for the mother, they've taken all the guesswork out of gifting for a new arrival.  



We had the pleasure of visiting with CouCou's lovely owner (and mother herself), Astrid Motsenigos for a little Q&A.  We welcome you to get to know the face behind the boutique!

Q: What roles do design and culture play in raising your daughter?

A: They play a significant role.  We are a very dramatic/creative family and love to read, write, sing, dance, act, read poetry… My husband is Greek, I’m Spanish and German.  We love anything that is expressive, emotional, thoughtful, insightful, different - whether it be art, music, performance, culture, architecture or landscape, and we have fostered that same curiosity in our daughter. 

Q: How do you want your daughter to remember her childhood?  Are there any items she has been gifted with the hope of being passed down?

A: I want her to remember a huge amount of laughter and discovery.  It’s very important to me that she be a child as long as possible.  There are many items to pass down; a book my mother had as a child from which she got her nickname; her coming home from the hospital outfit was given to us from my mother’s best friend (who is like a second mother to me); jewelry belonging to both me and my mother before that.

Q: How do you juggle motherhood and building your business? 

A: Like anything else in life when you become a mother - early mornings and late nights! 

Q: What is the best piece of advice you were given when you began CouCou?

A: Two things: 1) It’s going to be so much harder than you are anticipating, but if you don’t do it, you’ll always regret it. 2) Talk to other businesses and ask as many questions as they will answer.

Q: Please tell us more about your gift baskets and how they can be customized.

A: Gift baskets are available through MineMine Kids and can be customized four ways:

  1. Size - Small or Large

  2. Mother's style - The "Polished" basket would best suit the classic/sophisticated mom while the "Natural" basket would be perfect for the easy going/natural/organic mother

  3. Gender - Girl, Boy, Unisex

  4. Toy Box - Two toy box options for each size (small or large)

Q: Are there any items at home that you can’t live without? 

A: As a matter of fact, the Rice Toy Box that was chosen for our gift baskets is a must have in our home.  They help to de-clutter toys and books, are beautiful to keep out and our daughter loves to play with them. 



We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the wonderful world of CouCou!