A Love Affair with La Coqueta Kids

Join us on Junior Style London for our latest post featuring La Coqueta Kids.


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As we begin upon another year, our outlook is fresh and mind uncluttered and there is a sense of renewal as we let go and look forward.  While I don't tend to make resolutions, I aim to stay mindful of our passions and indulge ourselves in them, however that may play out.  For the girls, on a chilly winter day, this translates to an afternoon spent dancing to Pink Martini (the lone disc in our CD player).  Thankfully, they share my affinity for Spanish childrenswear brand La Coqueta Kids, and are in their element as they play.

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While Elise and Mila go about dancing, I'm fascinated by every movement and the personalities exhibited in their fantasy worlds.  Often times, I join them but it is equally as rewarding to watch.  Matching dresses from a brand we've long revered has me smitten.  These gorgeous pieces are fully lined and perfectly finished with stark white collars that add a touch of elegance and demure beauty which encapsulates this brand.

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Elise's Carmin Dress is the perfect transitional piece sure to follow us through seasons and generations of wear.  We first discovered this London-based brand while overseas and made a point to visit their Hampstead boutique, filled with a rainbow of knee-high socks, bows, and mary janes, it is a dream for one-stop shopping and outfit assembly.  With a newly opened second location in the heart of Notting Hill, our journey to La Coqueta's world of Spanish-made goodness just got a bit closer (although a trip to Hampstead is always a welcome departure).

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A Love Affair with La Coqueta Kids Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's dresses: La Coqueta Kids click here to visit the online store.

Elise’s shoes: Pom d'Api

Elise and Mila's tights: MP Denmark from Mamaowl

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.