An Endless Summer with maman&moi

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While autumn patiently waits, we relish the splendor of high summer.  A colourful finale of blooms tickle our senses and tepid waters invite us to play.  Delights of the season abound and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  With summer lingering longer, our favourite pieces from the alluring brand Maman & Moi transition beautifully into smart back-to-school attire. maman&moi transition beautifully into smart back-to-school attire.

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A brand celebrating the unique bond between mother and daughter, maman&moi exudes elegance with every detail.  This charming collection sends our hearts aflutter with Liberty fabrics and the finest finishes.  Daughters likewise feel at ease in the comfort of these dresses that wear beautifully from one adventure to the next.  Owner and designer, Allegra Richdale, has named each piece in her collection after a special someone in her life.  Elise wears the Tessa dress, a reversible frock in red and white gingham while Mila is garden-ready in the Violet with its pique petal collar.

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As we saunter through the last days of summer, you may very well find us at play in maman&moi, making beautiful memories that are sure to linger longer than our endless New England summer.

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Endless Summer Clothing Credits:

Dresses: maman&moi

Elise’s shoes: Pom d’Api

Elise's hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.