My Funny Valentine

We're savoring the last of our candy hearts and our flowers are just about reaching their expiration date but we're still celebrating the ones we love as we go about these cozy winter days.  I got to spend the week with our littlest Valentine in Vermont as a recent skiing injury kept me from the slopes this year.  With every moment that passes, I'm thankful for this unexpected yet precious time together with Mila.  


She might be the only one in our family who can wear red so we've been taking full advantage of that as she dons her Jacadi corduroy pinafore.  A lucky raffle ticket at one of the local holiday craft fairs last year won us this beautiful set which features a onesie with tiny embroidered umbrellas on the collar.  Swoon!


Mila takes a ride on Mommy's well loved rocking horse who's name is displayed proudly on his backside, "Blake" (my middle name).  He's a sturdy little fellow who has now seen two generations of tiny rockers take to his saddle.  I haven't seen another similar but if you're on the lookout for a vintage horse, there are some truly beautiful one of a kind pieces that pop up from time to time on Etsy, Ebay and (my favorite place for vintage), Everything But the House, or EBTH for those who are familiar : ).


Welcome to toddlerhood Mila!  You're rocking six teeth and are a kissing fool these days with a determined walk and twirl to boot.  You are most certainly our funny little Valentine : ).