Babies, Breweries and Books

Not a title I'd ever thought I'd publish but come to find out babies make really great companions when you're venturing into the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont for the world's best brewery.  We found ourselves in Greensboro, Vermont on a random Wednesday in February for the release of Hill Farmstead's Flora Plum which quite literally tastes like mimosa in a bottle with a hint of plum.  I am by no means a beer connoisseur nor do I really know anything about craft beers but I did catch word of this wondrous place not far from our home in Vermont.  A drive through bucolic farmland and serene forest was a welcome agenda item for the two of us on an otherwise uneventful weekday.   

Mommy and Mila-6610.jpg

Not long from now, our scenery will be filled with double decker busses, chiming clock towers and beautiful English gardens for a stint in London so we're soaking up as much of this country life as we can while dreaming of the adventures that await.  

And as we go about our days, you can rest assured we're doing ever important research on the lovely children's clothiers that abound in this marvelous city.  Above, Mila for one is wearing a favorite smocked winter dress from Sarah Louise, a timeless English brand.    

Hill Farmstead-6791.jpg

She's still finding her balance but is happiest when she's figuring it out on her own.  Thankfully for these velveteen booties, our winter so far hasn't seen much snow.

Hill Farmstead-6760.jpg

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is filled with scenes like these.  It is an inviting place filled with a bit of mystery and seduction, and leaves you with a yearning to go back and discover more.  

Hill Farmstead-6775.jpg

Among the things Vermonters do best are coffee shops, craft beer and independent bookstores.  These cozy Vermont towns are home to some of our favorites including Bridgeside Books in Waterbury, Vermont.  You can make yourself at home here and browse their wonderful selection of children's literature.  They also offer a lively, music and craft filled story time every Friday morning which Mila loved.  We came home with a new classic, "Shh! Bears Sleeping," by David Martin and illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Francher.  It was recently on the the New York Times Book Review and wouldn't you know, the author makes his home in the picturesque Northeast Kingdom of Vermont!    

Hill Farmstead-7140 2.jpg