Come what May

We are reeling over the ever changing weather forecasts here in New England.  Boston was covered in 4 inches of snow Monday and we're experiencing arctic like temperatures in April!  Needless to say, I'm dreaming about May flowers, swan boat rides, and picnics.  In the meantime, we have no choice but to make the best of April with outdoor adventures that keep our feet on the move.

Keen Kids-0992.jpg

Whether jumping in muddy puddles or sloshing through the snow, Elise's new Keen Encanto boots keep her little piggies dry and warm.  They're absolutely perfect for these unpredictable conditions we're facing outdoors.

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Like a stubborn mule, year after year we feel those first signs of spring and eagerly pack away all our winter gear.  Inevitably, I'm shocked when it snows in April!  This year the joke's not on us anymore.  We're prepared for anything that comes our way with our Keen boots that can kick through snow like sand on a beach.  

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I've lived in Boston for over ten years yet just recently discovered this gorgeous wooded area a short drive from our bustling city.  The Arnold Arboretum is quite literally a living museum for countless species of plants.  A short walk into the serene park and you're sure to be amazed by magical trees and vegetation.  Loose yourself playing hide and seek beneath the canopy of greenery in this natural playground.  

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