Among the Trees

Mila is now ten months old, sporting two bottom teeth and a constant smile.  At just over 15 pounds, her size fools most but her physical determination is unmatched.  With one leg out front and the other bent at the knee she'll crawl out of sight in the blink of an eye.  So how do you get a baby like this to stay in one place?  Stick her in a tree!  With leaves and twigs to explore, she's perfectly content with her tree trunk position.  While Elise could spend her day playing indoors, Mila is most certainly our outdoor explorer.  

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With a baby this petit, I was eager to fill her wardrobe with the coziest of knits and easy layering pieces like this gorgeous Misha and Puff tunic dress and wool Briar Handmade bonnet.  We've been eyeing this lovely bonnet brand based in the Pacific Northwest for some time now.  The details are darling, down to the Liberty of London print ties that stay perfectly in place.   

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To keep Elise's noggin just as toasty, I reached for her new Peppermint Pine Fair Isle hat that we custom created with the help of knitter extraordinaire, Megan.  For me, knitting is therapy and one of my great escapes but it seems I never have the time (I am a rather slow knitter!).  I am also a bit of a yarn snob so I was super excited to find Megan's beautiful creations made with the the softest acrylic and wool blend in a array of delicious colors.   

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As of late, Elise has been toting around a doe that lives peacefully inside a medicine bag made by Marie of Leather Treasures in Martha's Vinyard.  She's at that age when little treasures like this doe, bring great comfort and joy just knowing they are near.  

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Misha and Puff is a long time favorite in our house and you could say we were waiting (not so patiently) for their fall release this year.  Thankfully one of our favorite retailers has a wonderful selection of these pieces.  Thank you Minikin for somehow always reading my mind!  

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The hills are alive!

Apologies in advance for putting that song in your head.  Over the weekend we visited our musical neighbors in Vermont at the Trapp Family Lodge.  They are situated in the hills overlooking Stowe valley, how appropriate.  Over the years we've found ourselves enjoying their outdoor concerts in the meadow or snowshoeing uphill to a log cabin for some hot cocoa and a banjo picker.

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With children we now opt for a bit less adventure and planning and went on a Scottish Highland cattle tour which in my opinion was just as much a feast for the senses.  You can get pretty close to these wonderful creatures, but just be sure to watch where you step!

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It started to mist a bit but there was no way we were going home before checking out the greenhouse.  Elise was one with the gardens in her rose hip dress by Duns Sweden.  What don't we love about Duns Sweden?  They're producing clothing from wonderfully soft GOTS certified cotton which is music to my ears.  They  also maintain full transparency with the consumer regarding the production process.  I just loved scrolling through these photos on their website which introduce us to the people who make each piece. 

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I might be a little late to the game here but did you know there is an organization called Fashion Revolution that is dedicated to promoting ethical production and sustainability in the fashion industry?  Duns Sweden supports their efforts and I think that's awesome.  Loving the hashtag #whomademyclothes!

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When I was pregnant with Mila, I purchased an adorable pair of baby moccasins at an artist fair in Martha's Vinyard. They were made from the softest deer skin leather.  She's been wearing them lately now that the temperatures have been falling and they stay on like a charm.  I tracked down the maker, Marie of Leather Treasures MV and found the sweetest medicine bag that has the perfect amount of room for a few tiny treasures.  The best part?  We got to pick a color for the Czech glass bead that adorns the front for a personalized touch.    

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