The Glorious Gardner

Our beloved city is home to the enchanting Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum which is a magical place for patrons of all ages.  The Venetian inspired ambiance centers the soul and transports us to far off worlds and times while remarkable works of art are etched in our minds.  

Our British adventure begins in less than a week so our days have been filled with visiting these most treasured spaces to which we say "adieu" but only for a short while.   

Princesse au petit pois-1953.jpg

With European travels on the horizon, we've been lusting after all the wonderful creations from overseas and recently indulged in the sweetest frock from the collection of Princesse au Petit Pois®.  The beautiful pairing of a swiss dot apron and a linen dress edged with black rick rack gives this ensemble fullness and texture.  Timeless and playful, she looks as if she's jumped from the canvas of an Edwardian painting.

Princesse au petit pois-1942.jpg

A trip to our favorite museum is not complete without visiting my all time favorite artwork, John Singer Sargent's El Jaleo. The impressive scale and sultry scene always holds me captive.  It was a joy to see my daughter pay tribute to this awe inspiring exhibit in her own 'Elise' way.  

Princesse au petit pois-1972.jpg

When we were last here, photography was only allowed on the first floor around the atrium.  Just last month, they relaxed the rules and cameras are welcome throughout!  We can now leave with a little bit of the Gardner (without being mistaken for thieves!). Read more about the Gardener's missing artworks here.  It remains one of the greatest mysteries of our city.

Princesse au petit pois-1935.jpg
Princesse au petit pois-1911.jpg