A hunting we will go...

We were on the search for the perfect pine cones and acorns which we'll use as decoration for a new mobile in Mila's room.  Not quite sure yet how this will all unfold but at least we have a good stash of found objects to start spinning our creative wheels.  This is my favorite time of year to venture into the woods.  No pesky mosquitos to shoo away and fewer people means we can take in all the quite noises of nature.

Walden pond-0890.jpg

Just past the site of Henry David Thoreau's cabin on Walden Pond, we came across this majestic tree that seemed to be lit up by a ray of light.  It felt fitting that we say hello.  These are the unexpected treats we find when we go exploring and they never get old.

Walden pond-0875.jpg
Walden pond-0927.jpg

Doesn't this dress remind you of a tropical island?  Well it flew all the way from Hawaii from the skilled hands of Naisish Handmade who creates lovely one of a kind pieces sold exclusively through Instagram. The colors and embroidery on this piece make it a favorite in our household.

Walden pond-0938.jpg

Elise carries her findings in a woven basket by April Showers which was purchased at our favorite online retailer, Minikin.  When its not being used to collect woodland treasures, it makes for the perfect storage for her dolls' wardrobe.

Walden pond-0966.jpg

Believe it or not, both my husband and I have brown eyes. Crazy huh?  These baby blues came from a blue eyed grandparent on each side.  Now back to work on that mobile...

Walden pond-0979.jpg
Walden pond-0946.jpg