"Inspired by Blake Acres," A Free Babes Collaboration

A summer of adventures in London wouldn't be complete without a special trip to the famed Liberty of London store, setting the stage for the "Inspired by Blake Acres" collection which goes live today at Free Babes Handmade

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Liberty of London is home to those sought-after floral prints we've all come to adore.  What fun we had choosing the perfect fabric for this collection from the Haberdashery floor of our favorite London store!

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Our travels have found us surrounded by enchanting English gardens and at the moment London is saturated by color and scents from roses to irises and lavender.  But perhaps my favorite sight this time of year are the summer vines which creep their way up building facades and trees, creating a romantic feel to a simple walk through the park.  These pleasure grounds we've enjoyed have further influenced the "Inspired by Blake Acres" bows and we selected favorite summertime Liberty florals as the perfect compliment to a garden adventure.

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British summers are synonymous with gardens yes, but we wouldn't have these lush spaces without a bit of rain!  And when it rains, there are no shortage of wonderful spots to explore but if I could be stuck indoors for a day, I'd choose the Liberty of London store, hands down.  The building dates back to 1924 and was built from the timbers of two ships.  The interior rooms have a homely feeling complete with fireplaces and nooks to explore.  But perhaps our favorite discovery is the rotating clock that chimes at each quarter hour and showcases a knight chasing a dragon.  So whimsical, so British, so very Liberty!

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