Everything's Coming Up Peonies

It has been a busy few weeks for us as we get ready for our summer abroad in London.  With limited packing space, we're editing down our list of toys, clothes and gear.  My sentimental side is already missing Vermont and all the beauty that it brings this time of year.  Pretty soon our yard will begin to bloom with allium, lupine, day lilies and the crown jewel of our garden, giant fuchsia peonies.  I find myself looking for ways to bring some of this beauty with us on our travels abroad, a little taste of home when we're yearning for the sound of peepers, a glimpse of fireflies or a bouquet of our favorite wildflower.  So you can imagine how excited I was to learn of a local children's wear brand steps from our front door aptly named, Petit Peony that will send us on our journeys with a nod to our New England roots.  

Petit Peony-1643.jpg

I've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Petit Peony's founder and designer, Kate Bowen who shared with me her journey into creating the "most spirited and memorable children's line on the market."  

A year and a half ago, following the birth of her son, Kate got right to work creating summer dresses for girls in her Vermont home.  Her design philosophy was to create pieces that looked unique yet refined.  Kate constructs each piece with at least two opposing fabrics which gives her designs interest and effortless coordination.  Kate was introduced to co-owner and CEO Ashely Wayman who's background in business has helped to establish the brand around the globe.  Kate and Ashley's collective passion for these coveted pieces was recognized by boutiques all over the country and abroad, 85 in total. 

As we were chatting, we inevitably came to the topic of work-life balance which is even more relevant when raising three young children.  As many of us know, a perfect balance doesn't exist but Kate's philosophy is refreshing and true.  Quality time spent with your children is better than quantity.  Between traveling for work and designing her line, she finds time to be present in the moment with her kids.  

Petit Peony-1756.jpg

If you're local to the Boston area, I'm personally inviting you to a trunk show I'll be hosting on Thursday, April 14th from 5-8.  Please email me (hello@blake-acres.com) for more details.  I guarantee you'll be smitten with their beautiful selection of summer dresses and coordinating leggings.

Petit Peony-1694.jpg
Petit Peony-1639.jpg

The collection is full of playful patterns that so beautifully coordinate with one another.  Half the fun is playing stylist by mixing and matching your favorite pieces to get a look that's all your own!  As an ode to our beloved New England summers, Mila is wearing Firefly leggings with the Navy Anchors Reversible Wrap Dress which is lined in a delightfully pink seersucker material.  With an option to wear the reverse side, we have two dresses in one!

Petit Peony-1814.jpg

Elise strolls in wonder of the magnificent collection of works at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  It is a mother's delight to watch as she stands in awe of the great masters of our time.

With a swing in her step, she looks as pretty as a picture in Bubble Gum Leggings and the Pomberry Reversible Wrap Dress which for me is reminiscent of a peony bouquet.   

Petit Peony-1808.jpg
Petit Peony-1847.jpg

The perfect topper for these lovely pieces was found again not far from home in neighboring New Hampshire.  Fancy Free Finery has a glorious collection of flower crowns for your fairy princess.  Easy to wear, this Anemone felt flower crown adds a special touch to any outfit.  

Petit Peony-1673.jpg