A few of our favorite things

There is rarely a dull moment in our home these days with an almost-walking one year old and a lively almost-4 year old.  Yet all of us at times like to escape into our own little imaginary worlds.  Elise draws on daily experiences to create magical scenarios with her friends.  We choose toys that allow her to make her own scripts with few interferences.  For this reason, I'm naturally drawn to clean and simple playthings that act as a canvas for her fantasies.  Toys like those made by the talented husband and wife team at Manzanita Kids.  

Manzanita Kids-5581.jpg

Adrienne and David bring us this wonderful brand from their Seattle home.  I first discovered one of their rattles at a local Boston store and it was love at first sight.  The little bird rattle sang to me and I couldn't get it out of my head or hands for that matter!  Yes their products are gorgeous and feel wonderful but when I read their "featured shop" interview on Etsy, I was completely smitten.  To know that our little rattle and dollhouse were born from ideas, drawings, conversations and prototypes gives me just as much joy as they bring my girls.    

New Years Stowe-5337.jpg

Mila's deer rattle was beutifully engraved with her name.  Her little fingers love grabbing every interesting edge and shaking it to hear the soothing rattle which sounds a lot like rain drops on a roof.  

Manzanita Kids-5595.jpg

Ok so I have to admit I am a little obsessed with dollhouses and when Elise started to show an interest in them, my part time job suddenly became searching for unique mini abodes.  Much to my delight, these creative animal themed modular dollhouses from Manzanita Kids fit the bill.  The unique shapes add an element of interest and offer endless configurations with the other dollhouse offerings in their shop.  But the icing on the cake for us is that it comes with a ladder!  This little three year old will tell you that is a very important detail.

New Years Stowe-5338.jpg

As I write this, our wish list for more of their beautiful creations is growing.  We are eyeing their adorable Animal Seesaws and the clever Modular Tree House.  

Manzanita Kids-5602.jpg