Up up and away

Yes it is September and yes we should be looking forward to the excitement of fall but its also a time to reflect on the wonderful adventures we had this summer.  On one hot balmy day in July we attended one of our favorite events in Vermont, the Stoweflake Balloon festival.  This was Elise's second year in attendance and she was just as upset as she was last year when the balloons eventually took flight.  She doesn't like it much when she sees a stray balloon in the air as she empathises with the little hand that may have lost it.  We watched take off after take off of these majestic aircrafts and down below there was a little girl shouting "no balloon, don't go, stay! come back balloon!" I couldn't help but smile.  

Elise's Wren and James dress has been a favorite of ours this summer as mentioned in a previous post.  The cotton is crisp, the colors are bright, the style is classic.  The perfect outing dress for any number of occasions.  


In case you're wondering, she did eventually get over her initial angst as we repeatedly told her that the balloons would land and come back home.  See we're a little weird about keeping track of our "stuff" with the growing number of toys and hair bows, there is a continuous inventory being taken at our house so frankly I'm not surprised that she was afraid the balloons would be lost.   


New England summers typically linger a bit longer than we anticipate so I'm hoping that means we'll be able to get more wear out of this dress and these sandals before the chill settles in.