Quiet Play

Now that fall is upon us, our lives are once again busy shuffling between school and various actvities that will soon become our life blood during a long and at times brutal New England winter.  With all the bustle, the girls are naturally drawn to moments of quiet play.


Mila explores her toys transferring them from hand to hand with a pit stop in the mouth.  Elise loves to gather her heard of friends and line them up in an assembly where they have mostly peaceful conversations.  There isn't much else I'd rather be doing than watching these two play.


This Play Mat has been a godsend since the day it arrived from the talented Syd + Stitch. The mat features a print by Wee Gallery of woodland animal friends at play.  Each can be dressed with removable garments making it a toy in its own and one that can grow with the child.   


While Mila takes her morning nap, Elise wanders over to her sticker book for more quite play (until the stickers start their own conversations of course).


A few throw back photos from our vacation earlier this year when the girls were cuddling on their special mat. This mat is super portable and folds up easily to carry along in a tote bag.   An essential for family travel!