Babies on Beaches

The concept seems simple, (bring baby to beach) but it is far from that as any parent knows.  In Nantucket we were a short walk away from Steps Beach which much like the name implies, can only be accessed by walking down a steep set of stairs.  Toys, tent, umbrella, chairs, baby, toddler, they all made the trek.  And these smiling faces made it all worthwhile.  

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Shortly after Mila was born, I knew I wanted her to have a something special of her own that could be passed down, something timeless.  I also knew that Minikin was sure to have what we were after.  I find myself drawn to their aesthetic and always love shopping with them because they create a personal connection with their customers that is hard to find elsewhere.  They carried a gorgeous Spring collection from Tocoto Vintage and we found Mila an adorable three piece set; bonnet, blouse and bloomers.  The pieces were made from a featherweight cotton and are adorned with ruffles and lace trim, truly special.  

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Tiny Cottons, an imaginative brand based in Barcelona, produced this muslin swaddle which has become one of my essentials.  I rarely leave the house without it and only wish I had purchased more.  This print is from their spring/summer Camp-Pin-Pump collection and features a swim logo print that took me right back to my swim team days.  

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