Never stop dancing

I have to admit, Halloween literally 'crept' up on me this year and we have just three days before one of my favorite holidays is upon us.  Thank goodness for a Whole Foods pre-made haunted gingerbread house and Pandora's Halloween Party Radio station to get us in the spooky spirit.  With MJ's Thriller playing in the background, our girl needs little excuse to twirl in her favorite dress. 

Ballet dress (13 of 18).jpg

This Alice and Ames ballet dress is every little girls' dream.  A ballet inspired bodice and super twirly skirt make for endless dance parties.  Elise is a huge fan of anything purple and its gorgeous deep grape hue caught her eye immediately.  But then something magical happened when she tried it on.  She wouldn't stop dancing.  And who could blame her?  This dress was made for twirling the day away.  The Spring collection is just as fabulous and we're in love with the polka dot twirly dresses that are sure to make a sunny day even brighter.  The wonderful retailer, currently has a great selection of sizes so be sure to head over before they're sold out!  For the most adorable video of these dresses (all the more incentive!) check out Babycubby's latest blog post here:

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Elise discovered that age-old pastime of walking around in Mommy's shoes this week and I have to admit, its pretty darn cute.  Even more so when she found my red sequin Walter Steiger pumps.  I came home with these beauties when my husband and I took a trip to Paris while I was pregnant with her and to see her trying them on is something special.  

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No we still don't have our pumpkin carved, our costumes are not yet totally figured out but we do have this awesome Whole Foods gingerbread haunted house!  Sometimes I just need easy and you can't get much more foolproof than a pre-assembled gingerbread house with a bag of orange icing and chartreuse sprinkles.  We found some wiggle eyes, trick-or-treaters and creepy crawlers to adorn the outside.  Who says a gingerbread house has to be edible anyway?

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The dance party continued on into the evening hours and these two melted my heart with their dance moves.  

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Then things started to get silly with some interpretive dancing.  I believe this one was called "watching the flowers grow."

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And since the olympics won't be coming to Boston after all, we opted for a family bobsleigh in the living room.  Hold on tight Mila!

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