A Tale for the Ages: Little Creative Factory and Merchant & Mills

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Our passion for storytelling extends beyond the camera as the girls transform themselves into lithe ballerinas, floating through one of America's oldest libraries.  In good company with the stacks, they create a fairytale of their own, setting the scene with Little Creative Factory and Merchant & Mills.  

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This story began two years ago in the town of Rye, East Sussex, home of fabric wonderland, and patternmaker, Merchant & Mills.  With The Skipper dress pattern in hand, and a willing seamstress at home (my Mother), we left with a few yards of Heather Haze linen for the girls' bespoke pieces.  My Mother's busy hands gave life to these nautically inspired dresses that are as easy to wear as ballet slippers.

Little Creative Factory's Degas Long Wrap Skirt adds a fresh touch and pays compliment to a ballet-inspired journey through the library. This long-admired brand hails from Barcelona and creates timeless pieces that bend the limits of imagination.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Little Creative Factory Merchant Millls_Image 17 (high res).jpg
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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Little Creative Factory Merchant Millls_Image 1.jpg
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A Tale for the Ages Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila’s dresses: Merchant & Mills Dress Pattern and Fabric

Overskirts: Little Creative Factory, available at Kodomo Boston

Elise and Mila’s ballet slippers: Bloch

Mila's hair bow: Eva's House

A Love Affair with La Coqueta Kids

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As we begin upon another year, our outlook is fresh and mind uncluttered and there is a sense of renewal as we let go and look forward.  While I don't tend to make resolutions, I aim to stay mindful of our passions and indulge ourselves in them, however that may play out.  For the girls, on a chilly winter day, this translates to an afternoon spent dancing to Pink Martini (the lone disc in our CD player).  Thankfully, they share my affinity for Spanish childrenswear brand La Coqueta Kids, and are in their element as they play.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 10 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 21 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 9 (high res).jpg

While Elise and Mila go about dancing, I'm fascinated by every movement and the personalities exhibited in their fantasy worlds.  Often times, I join them but it is equally as rewarding to watch.  Matching dresses from a brand we've long revered has me smitten.  These gorgeous pieces are fully lined and perfectly finished with stark white collars that add a touch of elegance and demure beauty which encapsulates this brand.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 24 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 6 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 13.jpg

Elise's Carmin Dress is the perfect transitional piece sure to follow us through seasons and generations of wear.  We first discovered this London-based brand while overseas and made a point to visit their Hampstead boutique, filled with a rainbow of knee-high socks, bows, and mary janes, it is a dream for one-stop shopping and outfit assembly.  With a newly opened second location in the heart of Notting Hill, our journey to La Coqueta's world of Spanish-made goodness just got a bit closer (although a trip to Hampstead is always a welcome departure).

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 18.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_La Coqueta_Image 22.jpg

A Love Affair with La Coqueta Kids Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's dresses: La Coqueta Kids click here to visit the online store.

Elise’s shoes: Pom d'Api

Elise and Mila's tights: MP Denmark from Mamaowl

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.


Home for the Holidays with Charlotte sy Dimby

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As we approach another year-end and the festivities that await, we retrace familiar steps that lead us back to my childhood home. Much like the calm before a storm, everything here is serene and our minds at ease.  Once pampered and feeling refreshed, we're ready to tackle the holidays with a bit more glee.

The brilliant collection from Charlotte sy Dimby brings us even closer to that festive feeling with a gorgeous selection of holiday dressing that has us spellbound.   And truthfully, there is no time like the present to add a bit more fancy to your day.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 3.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 6 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 4.jpg

As we stand watch at the shoreline, an early December breeze gives movement to hemlines and hair ties.  The girls engage in a Regency style dance, evoked in part by the classic styles of Charlotte sy Dimby.  The incredible detail on Mila's Smocked Poule Dress lends itself to the season.  Made with the most luxurious winter cotton, it feels wonderful to the touch and impossible to resist wearing daily.

Like Mila, Elise's Smocked Dress carries with it a signature handmade quality that folks have come to know as Charlotte sy Dimby.  A now international brand, these beautifully handcrafted garments have a rich history with smocking pioneer, Monique Ramahay.  Local to Paris's 6th arrondissement, Monique's flagship boutique, L' Île aux Fées, is an institution in its own right.  Covered buttons, handsewn hemlines, and handmade petticoats are just a few of the reasons we adore the elegant childrenswear label, Charlotte sy Dimby. 

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 9 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 13 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Charlotte sy Dimby_Image 15.jpg

Home for the Holidays Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's dresses: Charlotte sy Dimby

Elise’s shoes: Pom d'Api

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Eva’s House

At Home in the Mountains with Devon's Drawer

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Wherever we may roam, the mountains call us home. 

There is something magical that exists only here, brought in part by the serenity and enchantment found along cliffside passages.  Where the terrain changes with elevation, peeking our interest and inviting us to explore what lies ahead.  These steps are familiar yet thrilling and we feel at home within the protective walls of nature.  

In this moment, our universe is filled with wholesome adventure and a bit of heirloom goodness from Devon's Drawer. 

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 14 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 7 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 11 (high res).jpg

Woven into each piece from Devon's Drawer is a dedication to ethical production and quality fabrics with unmatched standards.  These garments are as natural as our landscape and withstand the type of play that comes about on (or off) trail.  

Soft pockets on Elise's Hillary dress are perfect for collecting a colourful array of leaves and fairy moss.  The length adds a modern touch and provides ease of wear.  With little hesitation, Mila forges her own path in the brand's Aline overalls and Russell turtleneck, a combo too cute for words.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 15.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 19.jpg

Our mountains are now topped with a new dusting of snow and they're calling us back for another adventure along their slopes.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Devons Drawer_Image 21.jpg

At Home in the Mountains Clothing Credits:

Elise & Mila’s outfits: Devon's Drawer.  Shop the latest collection here.

Elise’s shoes: Zimmerman Shoes

Mila’s shoes: Angulus

Elise’s tights: Tocoto Vintage

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Eva's House

Wandering Free with Blue Alma Knits

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The time is now for walks through the overgrowth of summer's end.  As one season passes, another is in full swing with burgeoning chipmunks and falling leaves.  Our presence along this journey goes unnoticed by the activity that surrounds.  

Elise and Mila layer up in pretty pastel knits from Blue Alma, a brand hailing from Brooklyn with roots in Germany.  Designer Annemarie Shoemaker's delightful collection of year-round knitwear is reason alone to venture outdoors on a brisk fall day.    

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 4.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 1 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 14.jpg

Blue Alma's AW17 collection is a bouquet of soft pastels in blush, sage, and cream with limitless possibilities for styling the perfect fall wardrobe.  The A-line shaping of Elise's Emma tunic swings with ease and uncompromised comfort while Mila's Marlow vest has quickly become a staple piece as the days grow shorter.  Pointelle yoke collars and cable knit details add a touch of prim to these classic silhouettes.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 12.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 10.jpg

Time stands still as we wander along the well-trodden paths near our home.  Winter looms in the not too distant future but for now, I can smell the fall air and hear the scurry of chipmunks and I'm happily content in the presence of our changing season.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 5.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 9.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Blue Alma_Image 13.jpg

Wandering Free Clothing Credits:

Elise and Mila's knitwear: Blue Alma Knits

Elise's blouse: Cosy Cloud Kids

Mila’s blouse: Mi.Le from CouCou

Elise’s shoes: See Kai Run

Mila's shoes: Pepe

Elise and Mila's tights: Little Light Feet

Elise and Mila’s hair accessories: Wunderkin Co

Autumnal Vibes and Magical Colour Changing Leaves

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 18 (high res).jpg

So gracefully we find ourselves transitioning into the crisp days of Autumn.  Overgrown gardens live in harmony with a show of magical colour changing leaves.  We're cozy both inside and out with new fall knits in beautiful jewel tones.  Mother nature has spoken and we're happy to oblige.  We relish in these Autumnal vibes.   

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 26 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 14 (high res).jpg

With little effort, these knits pair beautifully with pieces from past seasons.  The Animals Observatory (TAO) Lynx Skirt is wonderfully cozy in deep apple red.  With a perfect amount of punch, it is an understated statement piece.  Mila fancies Oeuf's Knit Romper in Rose for her rock gathering adventures.  A coordinating Oeuf necktieLittle Light Feet Crochet Tights, and Angulus T-Bar shoes finish her fall look.

We're embracing this season of change with creature comforts that keep us cozy on these chilly Autumn days.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 16.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 23.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 21.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 1.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 25.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Autumnal Vibes_Image 31.jpg

Autumnal Vibes Clothing Credits:

Elise's skirt: The Animals Observatory

Elise’s shoes: Pepe Folk Boot

Elise's tights: Caramel

Elise and Mila's hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.

Mila's romper: Oeuf

Mila's necktie: Oeuf

Mila's tights: Little Light Feet

Mila's shoes: Angulus

An Endless Summer with maman&moi

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 12 (high res).jpg

While autumn patiently waits, we relish the splendor of high summer.  A colourful finale of blooms tickle our senses and tepid waters invite us to play.  Delights of the season abound and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  With summer lingering longer, our favourite pieces from the alluring brand Maman & Moi transition beautifully into smart back-to-school attire. maman&moi transition beautifully into smart back-to-school attire.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 1 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 3 (high res).jpg

A brand celebrating the unique bond between mother and daughter, maman&moi exudes elegance with every detail.  This charming collection sends our hearts aflutter with Liberty fabrics and the finest finishes.  Daughters likewise feel at ease in the comfort of these dresses that wear beautifully from one adventure to the next.  Owner and designer, Allegra Richdale, has named each piece in her collection after a special someone in her life.  Elise wears the Tessa dress, a reversible frock in red and white gingham while Mila is garden-ready in the Violet with its pique petal collar.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Maman et Moi_Image 26 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 25 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 22 (high res).jpg

As we saunter through the last days of summer, you may very well find us at play in maman&moi, making beautiful memories that are sure to linger longer than our endless New England summer.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 8 (high res).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_maman&moi_Image 27.jpg

Endless Summer Clothing Credits:

Dresses: maman&moi

Elise’s shoes: Pom d’Api

Elise's hair accessories: Wunderkin Co.

Skipping Stones: Paying Homage to Vintage

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 1.jpg

Everything old is new again.  For us, this often rings true upon discovering a vintage gem that finds new life in our wardrobes.  Handcrafted garments from decades past satisfy cravings for one-of-a-kind pieces with timeless appeal.  There is a world of vintage and antique childrenswear that awaits discovery and repurpose but knowing where to look is often key.  Elise's Depression-era netting dress is one of many treasures you'll find in Mary Beth Hale's scrupulous collection of vintage apparel.  'In with the old' I say! 

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 2.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 3.jpg

These vintage treasures find us immersed in nostalgia.  We're transported to simpler times, wading barefoot along the banks of Lake Champlain.  A hunt to find perfectly shaped shale ensues and we try our hand (rather unsuccessfully) at skipping stones along the water's edge.  I'm left to wonder if these garments could talk, might they tell a similar story?  One thing I'm certain, Mila's dress may actually hold such memories from my own childhood.  My Mother diligently cared for and saved a wonderful collection of clothing, now sprinkled throughout the girls' wardrobes.  

Thankfully we don't need to scour store racks or attics to find pieces like these.  Mary Beth Hale has done the work for us with a stunning collection of unique and pristine childrenswear from the past century and beyond.  From hand embroidered baby bonnets to velvet rompers and fur slippers, I can assure you, it won't be easy to browse without temptation.  But if you simply must, she's offering readers 10% off at purchase with the code BlakeAcres.  

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 16.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 21.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 14.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 23.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 241.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Skipping Stones_Image 26.jpg

The Art of Gifting with CouCou and MineMine Kids

Imagine this.  Your lifelong childhood friend is having a baby.  It's been years since you both shared the same time zone but you still find her carefree spirit to be the perfect elixir on a gloomy day and you've always admired her bohemian taste.  And while you'll never grow apart, your style worlds have drifted.  Lucky for you, CouCou has launched customizable gift baskets for baby available through MineMine Kids.  Filled with a lust-worthy assortment of baby essentials and a special treat for the mother, they've taken all the guesswork out of gifting for a new arrival.  



We had the pleasure of visiting with CouCou's lovely owner (and mother herself), Astrid Motsenigos for a little Q&A.  We welcome you to get to know the face behind the boutique!

Q: What roles do design and culture play in raising your daughter?

A: They play a significant role.  We are a very dramatic/creative family and love to read, write, sing, dance, act, read poetry… My husband is Greek, I’m Spanish and German.  We love anything that is expressive, emotional, thoughtful, insightful, different - whether it be art, music, performance, culture, architecture or landscape, and we have fostered that same curiosity in our daughter. 

Q: How do you want your daughter to remember her childhood?  Are there any items she has been gifted with the hope of being passed down?

A: I want her to remember a huge amount of laughter and discovery.  It’s very important to me that she be a child as long as possible.  There are many items to pass down; a book my mother had as a child from which she got her nickname; her coming home from the hospital outfit was given to us from my mother’s best friend (who is like a second mother to me); jewelry belonging to both me and my mother before that.

Q: How do you juggle motherhood and building your business? 

A: Like anything else in life when you become a mother - early mornings and late nights! 

Q: What is the best piece of advice you were given when you began CouCou?

A: Two things: 1) It’s going to be so much harder than you are anticipating, but if you don’t do it, you’ll always regret it. 2) Talk to other businesses and ask as many questions as they will answer.

Q: Please tell us more about your gift baskets and how they can be customized.

A: Gift baskets are available through MineMine Kids and can be customized four ways:

  1. Size - Small or Large

  2. Mother's style - The "Polished" basket would best suit the classic/sophisticated mom while the "Natural" basket would be perfect for the easy going/natural/organic mother

  3. Gender - Girl, Boy, Unisex

  4. Toy Box - Two toy box options for each size (small or large)

Q: Are there any items at home that you can’t live without? 

A: As a matter of fact, the Rice Toy Box that was chosen for our gift baskets is a must have in our home.  They help to de-clutter toys and books, are beautiful to keep out and our daughter loves to play with them. 



We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the wonderful world of CouCou!

Palava in Bloom

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Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 9.jpg

There is little I enjoy more in this life than a stroll through a garden (and perhaps a good garden shop).  Spring abounds, signalling an excitement that could only come from the world’s most prestigious flower show, an event that transforms the better part of Chelsea, London, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

You can imagine my excitement for Palava’s reincarnation of this floral wonderland with their spring “Chelsea Flower Show” collection.  Imagine your dream brand pays tribute to your favourite event in a collection of beautifully designed garments.  The storybook women’s’ and childrenswear brand, Palava, has long been revered in our closets.  Our love affair with their whimsical creations began when Elise was a newborn.  Palava’s uniquely illustrated frocks feel wonderfully cheerful and quickly found their way into her wardrobe.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 11 (hr).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 17 (hr).jpg

For this very special collection, Palava characters Poppy and Fred can be spotted on their Chelsea Flower Show adventures along the hem of select dresses.  And if that doesn’t satisfy your Palava cravings, each piece is accompanied by a wonderfully illustrated storybook of its own.

An equally beautiful selection of women’s dresses and skirts allows for a picture perfect family ensemble.  Easy to wear and a breeze to travel with, I’ve enjoyed countless adventures in my Irene Swallows Dress.  In turn, it has enjoyed just as many compliments.  And, might I add, the girls adore dressing like Mummy in our coordinating looks.

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 10.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 13 (hr).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 5 (hr).jpg

Soon Chelsea storefronts will be blooming in eager anticipation for the flower show of all shows.  If you can’t make it to Chelsea’s display of garden artistry this year, channel its wonder and excitement with a Palava dress of your own (and one for your daughter of course)!

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 30 (hr).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 40 (hr).jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Palava_Image 69 (hr).jpg

We have teamed up with Palava and Junior Style to bring to you a fantastic competition.

To be in with your chance of winning a Palava girls outfit comprising of a dress, petticoat and pair of socks, worth £120.00……..

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3. Tag a friend you think would like to win this fantastic prize for an extra entry.

4. You can also gain an extra entry by reposting the original competition image from @JuniorStyleLondon and using #JrStylexPalavaMiniFolk

5. An Extra entry can be gained by commenting on my Palava Blog post below.

For terms and further details on the competition click here.

Growing Wild Things with Oaks of Acorn

In the depths of a New England winter, Elise and Mila were enchanted by a tropical oasis not far from home.  A secret garden welcomed us with blooming Camellias and pink flowering vines.  For these wild things, a game of hide-and-seek in the greenhouse was a welcome activity for this otherwise cold and snowy February day.  On this day, we couldn’t imagine ourselves anywhere else.  Together, mother and child, letting loose and having fun where we felt at home.

Join us today on Junior Style London for a peek at the beautifully crafted children’s wear brand, Oaks of Acorn.


Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Oaks of Acorn_Image 8.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Oaks of Acorn_Image 7.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Oaks of Acorn_Image 10.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Oaks of Acorn_Image 13.jpg

Blue Alma for Baby

When the stars align and you've found the perfect knitwear to complement your little one's wardrobe, dressing for winter becomes a joy.  Such was the case for us upon discovering the beautiful range of baby and children's knitwear from Blue Alma.

I welcome you to get to know this wonderful brand and the inspirational woman behind it!

Blue Alma-3324.jpg

Owner and designer, Annemarie Shoemaker is dedicated to producing goods with a nod to tradition, the highest quality fibers, beautiful styling, and comfort.  Annemarie's collection of knitwear provides the perfect amount of warmth without unnecessary bulk or itch.  During her design process, a great deal of thought is given to a garment's functionality and the child's well-being without compromising on style.  When worn, these pieces pull together any outfit effortlessly.  Trust us, you'll be smitten.  

Blue Alma-3926.jpg

For Annemarie, knitting runs deep.  A skill passed down through generations of family members, she pays homage to these traditions in each garment that is produced.  After graduating from fashion design school in Berlin, Annemarie, a German native, worked in various settings as a freelance designer, in a yarn store, and as a technical design assistant for a knitwear company.  Along the journey, true love eventually brought her overseas to live in Brooklyn, the birthplace of her handknit label, Blue Alma. 

Blue Alma-3112.jpg
Blue Alma Low Res-4029.jpg

Yarns are thoughtfully chosen and made from pure natural fibers.  The current collection was produced using a cotton-alpaca blend, snuggly soft yet breathable with the ability to wear year-round.  

Annemarie was lucky to have found a team of talented artisans in Peru who help produce the knitwear while maintaining the brand's dedication to 'handmade.'  These women and men are highly skilled and detail oriented knitters who deserve a fair wage.  Feel good knowing that your Blue Alma purchase helps to support this collaboration of talent worlds away.  

Blue Alma Low Res-4227.jpg
Blue Alma Low Res-4291.jpg
Blue Alma-3318.jpg

Museum of Wonder

We’ve taken to the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts for a stroll with the masters on this blustery winter day. Elise marvels at larger than life works of art and we are soon lost in wonder at the museum.  She’s determined to find pieces from thumbprint images in our guidebook and each discovery brings a moment of pride and excitement.  The wonderful brands, Valya Kids and Blue Alma Knits kept us cozy as we wandered exhibits on view at the MFA.  

Join us at the Museum on Junior Style London!

Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Museum Wonder Valya_Image 6.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Museum Wonder Valya_Image 15.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Museum Wonder Valya_Image 7.jpg
Blog_Jessica Dickinson_Museum Wonder Valya_Image 11.jpg